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Oh the joy of text.

Glitzch!  was inspired by a  most familiar blunder of the technological age: when the pesky predictive text gremlin plays havoc with your sent messages. Now one man and his predictive text take on the people, institutions and events that shaped the course of British history, literally rewriting it…with hilarious results.

Here's what the mighty Daily Telegraph has to say...   http://bit.ly/1aSnaxt

An early and prescient scoop from the Cambridge News...   http://bit.ly/1fEsSb1    

High praise came from The Independent who were kind enough to offer this accolade:

"It is a bit childish and very silly, which is of course the highest compliment".         


...and a great little review from Social Bookshelves  http://www.socialbookshelves.com/hugh-kellett-glitzch-review/  or watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=158TqQ6G8y4                          

Here's a great review from Professor Lentin, Senior Member, Wolfson College, Cambridge...

From the soliloquies of Shakespeare to the Royal Family, nothing escapes unscathed in this riotous romp through the history books. Glitzch!’s  cover girl the Queer Vicar (Queen Victoria), Sir Waiter Takeaway (Sir Walter Raleigh) and Floral Nightgown (Florence Nightingale) are just some of the names and faces to receive right royal send-up.  By delving deeper into the smartphone’s dictionary, and using 100% authentic predictive text "textonyms", Glitzch!  boldly goes where most wouldn’t dare, tackling politics, religion, sex, literature and everything in between. Ballsy and bombastic, this is "Brutish hysteria" (British history) as you’ve never seen it before. 

But there's more. So enthusiastically was the original Glitzch! received by the UK book trade that the Americans promptly wanted one of their own.And what they want they get. Glitzch!USA will be at a friendly bookseller near you if you live in the States in the spring of 2014. It has its own cast of characters including Abrasive Luncheon (Abraham Lincoln), Save Cricket (Davy Crocket)  and Richer Nicotine (Richard Nixon).

And of course, apart from a whistle stop tour of all that makes America great, it shows in detail how you were first to put a Man on the Moose.

Glitzch! is available at Amazon and good bookshops and you can follow the mayhem on Twitter @glitzch

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